Wedding & Engagement Rings

At Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange, you are going to get the best and biggest diamond for your budget, guaranteed. Our diamond experts are ready to help and guide you through this special time. Whether we are your first stop or your last on the diamond search, we promise we will make your dreams come true, while saving you a buck or two!

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Finding The Right Ring

Set a Budget

The convention is that you should spend two to three months’ salary on an engagement ring. This is a good starting point but you must also consider what type of value and quality you are getting when purchasing your ring. Buying an overpriced diamond from an unscrupulous retailer will negatively affect your budget no matter how much money you are planning to spend.

Why Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange?

There are many criteria on which a jeweler can be judged. All of the following questions are important to consider when choosing a jeweler:

Are their prices fair?
CGDE is not a typical jeweler. As a subsidiary of DGSE Companies, Inc. we are part of one of the largest jewelry buying companies in the country. Over the last 25 years we have purchased over $500,000,000 of inventory from our customers. This allows us to price our jewelry much lower than other retailers who source their inventory from high priced middlemen and suppliers.

Is their staff knowledgeable about Engagement Rings?
All of the certified diamond experts at CGDE have been specially trained to help you choose the right ring for your needs and your budget.

Do they have expert craftsmen to make my ring?
CGDE has onsite expert craftsman who can build the perfect ring for your special moment.

Will they offer an appraisal after I buy the ring?
CGDE offers free insurance and replacement appraisals on all of our engagement rings.

Find What She Likes

Many times she will drop hints about the type of engagement ring she wants. If she hasn’t talked to you about the subject then she almost certainly has spoken about it with friends or family. Quietly ask their suggestions. You can also observe what type of diamond jewelry she seems to admire when at the jewelry store, watching T.V. or looking through magazines. Searching through her current jewelry to see if she likes white gold, yellow gold or platinum is also helpful.

Choose The Right Diamond

Most of your budget should be allocated to purchasing a quality diamond. Choosing that diamond can seem like a daunting task but the diamond experts at CGDE can guide you through the process to ensure you make a confident and informed decision.

Choose The Right Band

After you have chosen the perfect stone you should spend the rest of your budget on an engagement band. The experts at CGDE can help you choose the band that is right for her.

Visit the store to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff today or view our inventory of engagement bands online.