If you own a luxury car, you know the importance of protecting your investment with excellent service and maintenance to keep it looking great and running smoothly. The same goes for your Rolex or other fine watch.


Luxury watch manufacturers typically advise a COA (Clean/Oil/Adjust) Restoration service every 5 to 10 years. With the advent of synthetic oils, we feel your watch may need less frequent servicing, especially if it undergoes an annual pressure test.

But check for telltale signs: if your watch is losing time, the date is off, if it is getting harder to wind, or the wristband fit feels different. Even if everything seems fine, you should keep your watch in immaculate condition – and protect your investment – with a yearly inspection.


After a careful inspection with factory-certified tools and equipment, we prepare a free, complete estimate. If you get an estimate but don’t want the work done, there is no charge. The time involved depends on the service required: we’ll change a battery on the spot, but a COA Restoration requires several weeks.


Our most common, comprehensive service package includes:

  • Movement is inspected for wear or damage. All parts are ultrasonically cleaned to remove oils, grease, residues, and other contaminants. The case back seal, crystal seal and crown gaskets are replaced, as are any damaged components.
  • All moving parts are then lubricated with Swiss high-grade synthetic lubricants during the reassembly process.
  • The case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned, refinished, and high polished to restore a near-original factory finish. The bracelet and bezel are refinished to remove scuff marks and scratches.
  • The watch is reassembled and rigorously tested according to manufacturer standards, and then retested for 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance, motion, timing and calibration – all set to factory specifications.


Specializing in repair, servicing and customization of Rolex watches

  • Installation of custom bands, dials and bezels
  • Band repair
  • Refurbishing
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Dial changes
  • Bezel press
  • Water testing and pressure proofing