Engagement Ring Etiquette: When It’s Over

An engagement ring: a symbol of hope for the future and longevity in a loving, trusting relationship. Engagement ring etiquette dictates we wear it on our left ring fingers because that’s where a vein connects to your heart. This, however, is an old wives’ tale. While it’s a romantic thought, it’s a modern myth… similar to the idea that every engagement turns into forever.

While it’s certainly not your intention when you purchase or accept an engagement ring, we know that plans and relationships fall through. After a particularly painful end, it may be tempting to put that ring to the side and let it gather dust. However, let us be the first to encourage you to dust off that ring and give it a new life. Whether you want to sell it for cash or get rid of its bad juju, we can help you create something wonderful with it. After all, as C.S. Lewis said, “there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Can’t decide what to do with that old engagement ring? Let us make some suggestions:

Engagement Ring Etiquette

According to Worthy, engagement ring etiquette dictates that the ring should be returned to the giver if they are the ones who called off the engagement of if the breakup was through a mutual agreement. If the recipient of the ring calls off the engagement, it’s traditionally returned to the giver.

Check the Laws in Your State Concerning Who Gets the Engagement Ring.

If your engagement or marriage was recently called off, look into the local laws concerning who gets to keep the engagement ring. According to Worthy, broken engagement rules vary from one state to the next in the United States. However, keep in mind that most states don’t consider who ended the engagement. Be sure to discuss the expectations of the ring ownership with your ex or your attorney before making any decisions. For more information, visit Nolo.

Sell Your Ring

So, you’ve researched or spoke with your ex and the ring is yours. Maybe you no longer want it or maybe the only thing that will heal your emotional wounds is sweet cash. This opens up a world of opportunities! If you sell it to us, we’ll give you cash on the spot for it. Whether you want that cash for a trip or rainy day fund, you’re free to choose how that ring contributes to your future.

Trade in Your Ring

If you’ll miss the feeling of a ring on your finger, trade it in for something you’ll love. Trading in your ring at Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange means you could end up with a pre-owned Rolex watch, a ring with a different gemstone, David Yurman bracelets, or even a new diamond ring. We’ll make sure you’ll leave with something that makes you as happy as that old engagement ring was did.

Repurpose Your Diamond

Perhaps the diamond in your ring is a family heirloom or you have a sentimental attachment to it. By re-setting or re-purposing your diamond, you can keep the sentimental aspect and cleanse it of any bad memories. Whether you want to set it in a new ring or as a necklace, our full-service repair shop can create your perfect piece.

At Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange, we can help you make the best of any situation where “I do” becomes “I don’t.” If you find yourself in this predicament, bring in your ring and we’ll help you decide what’s best for you!

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