Men’s Jewelry: The Official Guide

Are you considering wearing men’s jewelry but not sure where to start on your jewelry collection?

With the popularity of social media and online shopping, it seems everyone’s style is on display more so than ever before. This means leveling up your fashion game, whether you’re a man or a woman. Men’s jewelry is seeing a resurgence in street style. In fact, according to The New York Times, global sales of men’s luxury fine jewelry reached $5.3 billion in 2017, up from $4.3 billion in 2012 (an increase of 22%). It’s a way to add some flair to the everyday or revamp your style completely.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is your opportunity to start your man’s jewelry collection and revamp your style. Guys… it’s time to accessorize.

Adding jewelry to your everyday style can seem intimidating if you’ve never rocked bling before. That’s why Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange has created the Men’s Jewelry Guide to help you incorporate jewelry into your personal style — and look good doing it! Whether you’re 18 or 90, we want to make it as easy and enjoyable to add jewelry to your everyday look.


A good watch is the perfect first stop on your journey to your new men’s jewelry collection. Now, you may be asking: “why would I wear an analog watch when I have a smartphone?” Did you know that wearing a wrist watch has been proven to make you appear more competent and trustworthy? Or that just wearing a wrist watch can improve your chances of getting hired or promoted? So, the real question is: “why wouldn’t you wear a wrist watch?”

Your watch acts as an anchor for your style and sets the tone for the rest of your look. From our experience, you can never go wrong with a pre-owned Rolex. It’s easier on the budget and you can wear it for years to come. However, that’s certainly not your only option. Take the time to check out our broad collection of wrist watches at Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange and decide which one conveys your personality best.


You’ve picked out the perfect watch, but still want to experiment with some bling. If you want to invest in something to express your style discreetly, fashionable cufflinks are the way to go. They are still basic necessities, and you can go as muted or as flashy as your style permits. While not necessary, it looks sleek if you match metals with your watch and your cufflinks. Want to get fancy with some designer cuffs? We’ve got you covered there! Or, are you looking for something simple and sleek? We’ve got options for you, too.


Long gone are the days where men only wear wedding rings – fashion rings are back in full force to add some manly panache to your everyday. Start out with just one ring if you already wear a wedding ring. If you’re a bachelor, go for one on each hand. Rings, like watches, add some interest to your everyday look straight away — especially since your hands are one of the first things new acquaintances will see.


This one might be a new one for you, but trust us; even just a simple chain can pull together your look like nothing else. To start, we recommend a necklace length of about 56-60 cm so it hits directly on your sternum. Whether you want to rock an edgy pendant or a sleek chain, we suggest matching your metals to the rest of your bling.

Now that you’ve read our guide, take this Father’s Day as an opportunity to cultivate your style and go shopping at Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange — treat yourself!

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