Letting Go of Inherited Jewelry

We’ve all faced the dilemma on what to do with inherited jewelry that doesn’t match our lifestyle or personal taste. While you want to honor your loved ones and keep their memories alive, it’s a simple fact that jewelry styles and design change over the years.

Perhaps you love the vintage feel that your great grandmother’s watch brings to your look — or maybe you’d rather leave it in the jewelry box. Either way, there’s no need to feel guilty. In fact, there are many ways to make that piece your own, extend its good life in your family, or give it a fresh start.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to honor your loved ones even if you don’t wear the jewelry they’ve passed down:

  • Pass it down to another family member. Perhaps someone else in your family is more suited to wear your inherited jewelry. They’ll be honored with the gift, you’ll have the piece taken off your hands, and your loved one will still have their jewelry in the family — this situation could be a win-win-win!
  • Create something else out of it. The best thing about precious metals is that they can be worked and re-worked into just about anything. Take the gold or silver in your inherited jewelry, melt it down and have something else made that will better suit your personal style. The same goes for diamond jewelry. Diamonds go great with everything, so turn it into something you’ll wear again and again.
  • Sell your inherited jewelry and use the money to honor your loved one. You can donate the funds from their jewelry to a charity they were passionate about, or use the money to go back to school or even on your dream vacation. After all, it’s likely that your loved one would have enjoyed seeing you happy!

We know it can be difficult to let go of heirloom jewelry. However, don’t forget: that jewelry can’t do any good while it is gathering dust in the attic. Whether you’d like to recreate your inherited pieces into something you’ll love, or you’d like to sell them to DO something you’ll love, we can help you with taking the next steps at Charleston Gold & Diamond Exchange. We purchase old jewelry and can create custom pieces from your heirlooms.

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